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Our Organization

Our Mission

In partnership, we empower immigrants and refugees to successfully resettle and integrate.

Our Vision

A society where immigrants and refugees can reach their potential.

CCIS has been involved in refugee resettlement in Calgary and Southern Alberta since our inception in 1981. To address the specific needs of refugee families, CCIS established the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre (MCRC) in 1995. This comfortable residence has served as a “first home in Canada” to over 10,000 Government Assisted Refugees (GAR's) to date.

As the only agency in Calgary with a federal mandate to provide services for these refugees, CCIS assists more than 300 GARs and upwards of 400 Privately Sponsored Refugees for a total of 700 or more individuals every year.

Our services are comprehensive and start when we welcome our new refugees at the Calgary International Airport and bring them home to MCRC. Our team of Settlement Counsellors assist these newcomers as they secure housing, receive orientation and guidance, and adjust to life in Canada. In doing so, we also rely on the help of dedicated and committed volunteers; in total more than 1500 support our work.
Through our network of programs and services, CCIS holistically addresses the needs of refugee families, expediting their settlement and integration into our schools, workplaces, and community.

CCIS has grown to become the largest immigrant serving agency in Alberta and is one of Canada’s leading organizations in the field of settlement services. Over 300 staff collectively speak 60+ languages to better serve our clients.

We work in partnership with local organizations, educational institutions, and members of the business community to deliver more than 70 different programs and services out of 9 locations and 25 outreach locations in Calgary and Southern Alberta. On average we serve over 11,000 newcomers each year.

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